About Sum Tailor

Sum-Tailor distinguishes itself from its competitors through five factors. Bespoke Tailoring  First of all, Sum-Tailor provides a bespoke tailored suit, which means we make the suit from cratch, based on our clients uniek body shape, weight, lenght and body measurements. Consulting and Craftmanship Secondly, an personal and honest advice from the consultants of Sum-Tailor combine with thirty years  professional experience in tailoring of the Vietnamese tailors result in perfect fitting clothing. Competitive prices     Thirdly, Sum-Tailor work directly with Vietnamese tailors in the capital Ho-Chi-Minh-City in Vietnam, the country of origin of the founder and owner of  Sum-Tailor. Sum-Tailor buys cut lenght fabrics directly in o.a Italy, England, Scotland , so no fabrics will be waist at all. Sum-Tailor consult her clienst directly in her Salon in Amsterdam. Her whole line of production is clean and lean, so no extra cost are made, this is the mean reason why her prices are  very competitive . Education Fourtly, through her workshops about ‘first impressions’ given on universities Sum-Tailor educate young professionals about their own appeareance and providing them tools and (self) knownledge to make a correct first impression that match their personality. MVO Last but not least, Sum-Tailor employs a hand full of tailors in Vietnam which makes bespoke tailored clothing a reality. The choice for outsourcing the majority of the tailoring enables these tailors to uphold a comfortable living standard. So together with prices unknown for Western tailor made fashion, Sum-Tailor is socially responsible with every suit made.


Sloterkade 20
1058 HE Amsterdam
020 - 75 42 848

Travelling plan

Travelling plan:
From Centraal Station: Tram 1 or 17
From Sloterdijk: Bus 15.
Exit at station Surinameplein.
Walk 1 minute to the Schinkelbrug, turn right at Cafe Oslo (before Schinkelbrug).
After 30 meters you arrived at Sum-Tailor.

By car:
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