Vân Nguyen

Vân Nguyen is the founder and owner of Sum-Tailor and was raised by parents whom both are tailors She grew up with love for fabric and design and especially for the people who are shaping it, the tailors. Therefore , after studying for a degree in Psychology, it was a logical step for her to follow in her parent’s footsteps, and set up her own tailoring business. All of this happened when she was only 22 years old.. Vân established  a name for herself through various factors. First of all, she is the only female tailor in the Netherlands that owns a shop that provides real handmade bespoke suits (not to be confused with ‘made to measure’) for both men and women. Instead of advertising  Van’s customers found their way to Sum-Tailor by word of mouth. During her adventure she managed to cloth more than 4000 customers. Besides running the beautifully located shop, Vân is a consultant .She aims to first dress the mind, and then the body – meaning a suit should not only fit the body, but also someone’s personality and, of course,  the occasion. Her workshops are created to educate young  new generations of leaders, and how to dress and act in a way that matches their ambition. She believes this is the best way to obtain and nourish her beloved,  but threatened craftsmanship of its extinction. Last but not least, she believes in a different standard of beauty . She believes that every person needs unique clothes that are designed for and based on the person whom its made for. To accomplished her mission she provides very accessible prices for everyone . Nice to mention, is that during her entrepreneurship that started in 2006 , she employed more than thirteen tailors back in her homeland Vietnam. She invested in their education, studios and  logistics, which resulted in a fair trading system, that benefits all.


Sloterkade 20
1058 HE Amsterdam
020 - 75 42 848

Travelling plan

Travelling plan:
From Centraal Station: Tram 1 or 17
From Sloterdijk: Bus 15.
Exit at station Surinameplein.
Walk 1 minute to the Schinkelbrug, turn right at Cafe Oslo (before Schinkelbrug).
After 30 meters you arrived at Sum-Tailor.

By car:
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