Personal Branding

In the workshop Sum-Tailor takes participants on a journey of people’s (selective)observations. Every participant will become aware of the impact of non-verbal communication. We discuss outsider’s views on people’s appearances, like their shoes, combined clothing items, and hairstyle. These interpretations become visible when we place them in certain contexts and/or business cultures. First impression A first impression is often a decisive factor in forming an opinion about a person. Even more so, as people we are tempted to allocate characteristics, competences and even intelligence to our first impression of other people’s appearance. How this works exactly and how you consciously or unconsciously deliver messages through your clothing, are important aspects of a first impression. Scientific research on experiencing first impressions, divide this into: - 55% visual aspects (appearance, for example clothing and choice of color, a.o.) - 35% non-verbal communication (posture, expression) - 10% content (knowledge) Personal Branding (55% visual) Using clothing as a way to communicate means giving participants a tool to underline their professionalism and core qualities during their functioning in a professional setting. An even more important question here is: If they can influence 90 % of their appearance positively in advance, what stops them to do so?


Sloterkade 20
1058 HE Amsterdam
020 - 75 42 848

Travelling plan

Travelling plan:
From Centraal Station: Tram 1 or 17
From Sloterdijk: Bus 15.
Exit at station Surinameplein.
Walk 1 minute to the Schinkelbrug, turn right at Cafe Oslo (before Schinkelbrug).
After 30 meters you arrived at Sum-Tailor.

By car:
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